Tasmania, or the place I could live in forever

I finally quit my crazy job in Newman after 3.5 months of working at Seasons Hotel. I said goodbye to housekeeping in 40+ degree heat with glee, and got on a plane to Hobart. Tasmania, in some ways, is like New Zealand. It has lots of walking tracks and a more temperate climate than mainland Australia. I spent 3 days in Hobart, which has a hippy vibe. Any city that can support numerous used bookshops and a Saturday market selling locally made handicrafts is a place I could spend a lot more time in.

IMG_4160 IMG_4164

I arrived on Saturday morning and headed to the Salamanca Market, in which everything from organic produce to tacky tourist souvenirs is sold. I picked up two woolen head wraps that I cannot wait to wear once I actually experience winter again.

IMG_4158 IMG_4159

Sunday was unfortunately, half wasted due to jet lag and obnoxious people in my dorm the night before. However, I made it on the 1:30 PM Mount Wellington bus trip. Basically, the bus takes you from the visitor’s center up a winding road to the Mt. Wellington (1270 m) lookout. The view is phenomenal. That headband that I purchased the previous day came in handy here. It was –3 with the wind!

IMG_4180 IMG_4186

Coming soon..my review of Bruny Island Safaris

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