Every town needs an animal shelter

As part of my experience living in Newman, I will now tell you all about the need for proper animal shelters. I don’t have anything else to do now as Cyclone Christine is dumping rain on us and it’s New Year’s Eve so all the stores are closed.

The hotel as been quiet the past week, which means I haven’t had that many hours. I have been using my down time to catch up on much needed rest after working 60+ hours a week leading up to Christmas. However, since I started spending time in the crew quarters, I have noticed a bunch of stray cats hanging around. For those of you that know me, I love cats. I am a cat person. So when I tell you that these cats are annoying, they are really annoying.

The main culprits are a large gray cat, Smokey or one-eye; and his partner in crime, a black cat, Yowler or battle-scarred.


Smokey, the dominant cat in Stray Cat Society


Yowler, the subordinate in Stray Cat Society

During the day, they have a tentative alliance, probably because it is too damn hot to do anything else.  Smokey maintains the dominant position in stray cat society with Yowler deferring to his exalted position. However, at night, all bets are off. I am often awakened to the musical sound of cats trying to rip each other apart.  It seems that Yowler has been getting the crap beat out of him because he has taken up residence outside my window to voice his displeasure.


Smokey and Yowler during their daytime, tenuous truce

And just yesterday, Smokey and Yowler were joined by two new tabbies. So now I can look forward to more musical hissing during the night. Seriously, why does this town not have a safe place for these kitties?


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