What to do near Brisbane?

Brisbane is a great base to stage many activities along the eastern coast of Australia. For my last week, I decided to check out the Gold Coast and then the Sunshine Coast before leaving for Ohio. Brisbane Translink is a network of  public transportation consisting of trains, buses, and ferries. I was able to use this system to get from the Brisbane Airport to Straddie and to locations along the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. The trick is to avoid rush hour because then the trains are packed and it’s quite hard to find a seat.

I am staying in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, which is less touristy than Surfer’s Paradise and much, much safer. I am also couchsurfing, which so far has been a great experience. Meeting locals and getting the inside advice is much preferable to staying in a hostel. Burleigh has some great beaches, but swimming is quite difficult due to strong rip currents. The warning signs actually recommended not going in deeper than your waist. And to think I used to be a good swimmer…but that was in a swimming pool. Burleigh also has a National Park within walking distance to my couchsurfing host that has some whale watching platforms and good views of the beaches.

View from Burleigh Beach towards Surfer’s Paradise   

View from Burleigh Head National Park

Tomorrow I am headed to the Sunshine Coast for another couchsurf, that is near the beach as well. And then it’s back to Ohio for a break of 2 months.

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