Let There Be Capping!

Warning! Proceed only with a sense of humor.

With all of the religious issues in the media today, I thought I would chime in…

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to attend the University of Otago’s premier annual event, the Capping Show. The Capping Show is put on by the Otago University Student’s Association (OUSA) annually each May to coincide with graduation. It has been an annual event since 1894, making it one of the longest running student productions ever. It’s even listed on Wikipedia, which means it must be popular. Apparently, attending this show is a rite of passage for Otago students so I went with a bunch of the RLs (resident advisors if you are from the States) from Salmond College. We got there early to get good seats; and there was a line by the time we arrived (45 minutes before the show was due to start). I had been warned that it was fairly offensive, but little did I know…The show is a 3 hour long comedy extravaganza with enough offensive content to insult even the most laid back person, but it is side-splitting funny. Let’s just say a show like this would never be allowed to be performed on a U.S. college campus.

The show has a few regular performances that occur every year, plus an overarching theme that connects everything together. This year’s topic: religion (appropriate with current events these days). I’m not going to go into too many details, because it was rather offensive. Basically, the show centers on Adam and Eve living out their lives as Otago students (a.k.a scarfies) in one of those crappy flats that I blogged about last time. Mayhem ensues, the powers of good and evil duke it out with lightsabers to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack and Santa shows up to save the day, aided by Lucy, a skeptic who dresses in red leather. I am going to stop there; if you want details on the full plot, let me know.

Also included in the show were several groups that appear every year including the Selweyn Ballet, the Sextet, and the Sexytet. The Ballet is composed of University students dancing to ballet music in tutus…and they are all guys. The Sextet is a vocal group of six guys singing naughty songs, dressed as clowns. Ditto for the Sexytet, except this is a group of girls, dressed as 1950s housewives. They are very talented singers and very funny. Overall it was a good show with some really funny skits, some that were not so funny, and some that I just plain did not get. The singing and the dance numbers were the highlights, especially the dance number at the end to Marilyn Manson’s ‘Personal Jesus.’

Lessons I have learned:

1.     Go to the Capping Show with an open mind.

2.     Prepare to be offended. Nothing is off-limits.

3.     New Zealanders are much more liberal than Americans.

See the following for more information:



P.S. Wellington why are you trying to be like Los Angles? Wellywood sign, seriously?!

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