There and Back Again

Some things I have noticed about Wellington…

  • Nobody uses driers. Everything is hung up.
  • Wellington has Chicago beat for the wind factor. Do not use an umbrella.
  • Food is very expensive, yet HFCS does not exist. A tradeoff  I will take.
  • The tourist factor has gone up since the last time I was here. There were a few cruise ships in port over the weekend with lots of extra people milling about.
  • I must remember to wear sunscreen everyday. Blast that ozone hole over the Antarctic.
  • A green zone surrounds the town, which leads me to…

Middle Earth in New Zealand Part 1

The last time I was here I visited as many of the Lord of the Rings locations as possible. A few of them are right in Wellington. On Wednesday, I took the Wellington Rover Tours, which specializes in Lord of the Rings locations with their wonderful tour guides. These guys are much geekier than I am when it comes to these movies. I had done this tour previously in 2004, but some things were different. Here’s the run-down:

Wellington LocationMiddle Earth Location
The Hutt RiverGreat River Anduin
Kaitoke Regional ParkRivendell
Hartcourt ParkThe Gardens of Isengard
Dry Creek QuarryHelm’s Deep/Minas Tirith
Scorch-O-Rama CafeSecond Breakfast
The Weta Cave/StudiosAll the digital effects/models/monsters/etc.
Wellington SuburbsDunharrow
Mt. VictoriaThe Outer Shire

The day started off with pretty crappy weather. It rained the entire morning. I was trying to take photos as quickly as possible without soaking my camera. By the time we reached the wooded areas, the weather was much better. At least it wasn’t too cold. At the end of the day, our tour guide Jack gave us a poster/map of Middle Earth as a souvenir. I highly recommend this tour for any fanatical Lord of the Rings fan.

As a final note, Wellington had an earthquake last night (4.5 on the Ritcher Scale), which is not uncommon. Everything is fine, but it was a bit scary.

Okay, you Lord of the Rings fanatics, which scene was filmed here?

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